Member Help

Are you a member at Having problems with something, hopefully these answers will help you.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up for your free account by Clicking Here!

I forgot my password!
No worries, you can have a new one emailed to you, go to the Forgot My Pass page. You will be emailed a new password. If you dont get the email, check your junk/spam folders.

I forgot my username!
Go to the Forgot My Pass page. There you can retrieve your username.

How do I add a friend?
You must go to there profile page, and click 'Add friendname as a Friend'. Then they will become your friend and you will become a Fan of theres. Then, when they add you as a friend, you are both friends.

How do I add a game to my favorites list?
Go to any of the game pages and click "Add to My Favorite Games List!"

How do you get points and become a Top Player?
You earn points by being active on the site (while logged in to your account). You get 3 Points everytime you rate a game, 4 points everytime you comment on a game, and 2 points everytime you add a game to your favorites list.

Game Help

Having trouble with one of our games? Please take a look at the questions/answers below, if your still having a problem, dont hesitate to contact us.

The game isnt loading?
Make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player and Shockwave Player installed.

Can I download your games?
Some of the games on our site offer 'full' downloadable versions for a fee, however most if not all of these are third party companies not associated with AbcArcade.

How do I put your games on my website/myspace?
Not all of the games on AbcArcade are available to put on your website/myspace, however all the games on our webmasters are!

How come the High Scores list didnt record my score?
There are a few games on the site that have broken high score tables (this is out of our control) - however most games high score tables should work properly.

None of the controls work, the game plays but i cant move?
Occasionally you may need to click in/on the game with your mouse once to be able to use the controls.

Why are the games loading so slowly?
Make sure you close other programs other then your web browser which may be taking up computing power. Other then that, some of the games are large and take a while to load, especially on a slower connection.

I added a Tip but i still dont see it?
All tips are reviewed by moderators before being posted on If you submitted a tip some time ago and it is still not posted, its likely that our moderators deemed your tip innapropriate or not useful to our visitors.

How can I contact you?
You may email us at or you can use the contact form on the contact page.