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Flash Movies

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    Mario Kart Underground

    See what happens in the real world of mario kart characters.

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    King of the Preloader

    The longest preloader movie.

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    Cool animation of cubes morphing and changing into different shapes. Click cube to begin.

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    Watch the stick men fight eachother with different weapons.

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    The Rock

    What do you do when giant rock is falling on you?

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    Yes and No

    The right and wrong things do to in certain driving situations. Doesnt always work out how you wanted it to.




Optical Illusions

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    How Many Shelves

    How many shelves are there? Three or four?

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    No Triangles

    There are actually no triangles in this picture.

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    Color Blocks

    Stare in the center for 30 seconds, then stare at a white piece of paper.

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    Womans Face?

    Do you see a womans face, or a saxaphone player?

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    Moving Spiral

    Stare in the center of this spiral for 30 seconds, then look at the back of your hand.

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    Hidden Baby

    Do you see the baby in this picture?


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